Yakezie Carnival – Top 15 Personal Finance Articles

Welcome to the July 13th Edition of the Yakezie Carnival.

We’re hosting this collection of the best personal finances articles this week.

The Yakezie Carnival is brought to you to by the network of personal finance bloggers of the Yakezie, the web’s largest personal finance and lifestyle blog network. I’m now a proud member of theYakezie Network so I’m happy to answer any questions you have about Yakezie.

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Editor’s Picks:

1. Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Is there such thing as healthy debt? – When does owing money become healthy debt or unhealthy debt? When will you be debt free? Can you handle having debt? What does handling debt mean? These questions and many more can only be answered by… you!

2. Hank @ Money Q&A writes Why Extended Warranties Are A Waste Of Money – Retailers are pushing extended warranties with more fervor than ever, and consumers are buying. But in almost every case, they are a bad deal. Find out why!

3. Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes Who Will Take Care Of Your Aging Parents? – Generation X will have its first official fifty year old group next year.

4. Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes How Important Is Your Will For The Future Of Your Family – Having a will is important so that when you pass, you know your assets are staying with your family and not going to the state.

5. Cat @ Budget Blonde writes My First Viral Blog Post – The legendary blogger Jon Morrow describes a viral blog post as one that has been shared more than 1,000 times.

6. Mr. 4HWD @ The Four Hour Work Day writes Making Time for Self Improvement – Good money management habits tell us we need to “pay ourselves first.” This means that when we receive income, our first priority should be in making contributions to our savings and investment accounts.

7. Brad @ Enemy of Debt writes Why you should make your pension a priority – You’d be surprised what you can learn in the park while throwing a slimy tennis ball around.

8. Maria @ The Money Principle writes Staying annoyed screwed me out of a fortune or how to spot and create (business) opportunities – Limited employment and backward education systems mean that learning to create income by spotting and creating opportunities is vital.

9. Alexa @ Single Moms Income writes Case Study: Can You Make Money Posting Ads Online? – Have you ever wondered if those ads claiming that you can make $100 a day posting ads is legitimate?

10. Larry @ KrantCents writes Is More Money the Answer? – If more money was the answer, what was the question?

11. Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Is Living in a Tiny House Actually Viable? – Many people wonder if living in a tiny house is actually possible, especially if the inhabitants are more than just one dude or gal. The square footage on most tiny houses doesn’t exceed 250 square feet, which isn’t much larger than a traditional bedroom and bathroom combined.

12. Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes Reader Question: How Can I Invest in Stocks? – So I have a financial question and if you already have an article about it I apologize, send my way! Do you have some of your money in aggressive stocks? If so which ones and how much? I’ve obviously been able to save money and it’s not making money sitting in the bank. I don’t want to invest in real estate yet but want to with stocks. Any advice would be amazing. Thank you!!

13. Hayley @ Disease Called Debt writes Are you a Debt Free Wannabe or Debt Freedom Achiever? – Many people (myself included not so long ago) spend a lot of time hoping and dreaming about finally getting rid of their debt for good without actually doing all that much about it. Actually wanting to get out debt unfortunately doesn’t mean that you WILL get out of debt. This post will inspire you to start taking action to clear your debts.

14. Erastus @ Sprout Wealth writes Want to Make More Money? Stop Making Excuses! – We all want to make more money but it can be easy to allow excuses to get in our way. Making excuses, on many levels, is one that is going to struggle at growing wealth. Time is against us, so the time to start making more money is now!

15. Mario @ Debt BLAG writes Do student loans affect my credit score? – Your credit score affects plenty of aspects of your life; how does having and paying off student loans affect your credit score?

I’m always looking for new personal finance websites to read, what are your favorites?

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    You know, I got into Yakezie for a while and I’m not sure why I’m not active there anymore. I’m going to have to work on that. Anyway, thanks for the great carnival Monica, I’ll see ya around!

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