Welcome to Monica on Money! A Personal Finance Blog on Saving, Budgeting, and Frugal Living

My name is Monica. Welcome to  Monica On Money, I write about saving, budgeting, and frugal living!

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I recently became debt free using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and Total Money Makeover book. My Bachelors and Masters degrees are both in business and I have taken several personal finance courses. However, until recently, I spent most of the money that I earned each month.

Then I decided to leave active duty Navy and I knew that I needed to save money because of the economy in 2010.I realized that I make too much money to not have money saved. I started listening to Dave Ramsey and saving as much money as I possibly could. I cut out all but the necessities. Before I knew it, I had enough of an emergency fund for 6 months and enough to pay for my Master of Business Administration outright.

This blog focuses on personal finances. I write about saving money to become debt-free, living a frugal lifestyle, and my current financial goals of law school and paying off my mortgage.

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About Monica Iannacone
Monica Iannacone
Monica Iannacone is a personal finance writer who received a B.S. in International Business and an MBA from Jacksonville University. She became debt free in 2010, paid for her MBA with cash, and dreams of financial independence! When she's not writing, she enjoys yoga, surfing, and running on the beach. Follow her at Monica On Money

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  1. Thank you Monica for all your advices in finance. That will be to me of a great utility for better managing my money

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