Tailgating on a Budget!

Today’s guest post is from Frugal Frederick Von Frederick, who blogs about the realistic side of saving money. If you’re interested in guest posting on Monica On Money, contact us.

Football Season is upon us!

Pre-season has started so it’s time to begin your plans for the tailgating season!

Here are 7 ideas for an eventful and frugal football-tailgating season:


1. BUY BEER & FOOD AT YOUR LOCAL WAREHOUSE STORE: Most of these bulk merchants (like COSTCO and BJ’s) sell quality beers and their own brands, which includes IPAs. If you’re buying in bulk, then combine your funds with your tailgating friends and your cost per beer decreases. Some other bulk items, especially if you’re the host for the tailgate, are hamburgers, hot dogs, hot dog buns, chips, sodas, and bottled water.

2. BUY EXTRAS AT THE DOLLAR STORE: Head back to the Dollar store for cooking utensils, aluminum foil, plastic ware, Ziploc bags, disk towels, paper towels, condiments, table covers, and 16oz to go cups. You can also get 4 paper plate holders for $1 and a pack of 100 paper plates for another dollar.

3. LOOK FOR DEALS AT LOCAL MARKETS: Buy meat for grilling at local markets such as ethnic stores. You can easily make quick and frugal meals like quesadillas or carne asada tacos.

4. CARPOOL & SPLIT THE PARKING COSTS: Parking at our local football stadium costs $30 per game but buying a season pass for parking saves us 20%. We pay in advance then have friends carpool and chip in for the food and parking. Having a season pass for parking also means we can keep the grill, chairs, and Corn Hole there all season for tailgating.

5. BUY JERSEYs & MERCHANDISE ONLINE: Instead of spending $130 for a jersey during our football game, we bought jerseys online at Fanatics for 15% less and free shipping. Look around online for better deals. Amazon is another great place for deals on jerseys.

6. LOOK FOR DEALS AND STOCK UP. I bought 24 bottles of water at Walgreens for only $2 this week. Stocking up on these great deals will save hundreds of dollars during the football season. How much is water when you wait until the last minute to buy it?

7. KNOW THE RULES: Check your local stadium for rules on bringing food into the stadium. Our stadium has a new rule this year where we can only bring plastic totes but bringing in food is allowed.

The key to tailgating on a budget is planning ahead and putting everything in your budget for the month.

What are some other frugal ideas for this tailgating season?

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      @Jason- I know, my mom found the deal, 24 bottles of water at Walgreens for $2. You can’t beat that for a tailgate or house party!! Thanks for posting.

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    I loved this post of tailgating and it is definitely good fun when you do so. You save money plus you enjoy a lot. It is always good to know the rules before you head with all your stuffs.

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      @Sam- Exactly, there are lots of new rules at the football games this year. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate the support!

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      Absolutely! Tailgating is much more fun with friends. Make friends with other tailgaters and have fun while saving money!!

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    Buying vitamins and stocking up at Costco is also a must. i take fish oil every morning and bought 500 fish oil pills at costco for 9 bucks. CVS was charging 13.99 for 250… go figure

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    Ahh, who doesn’t love a good tailgate party? I know I do! Thanks for great tips on savings. I always tend to carpool when I go to these things…if we’re going, we might as well fill the seats! Anyway, thanks for the great post Monica, I hope to see you around in conversation at CNA!

    • says

      @ Joshua – You’re welcome, I’m glad you liked the post from Frugal Frederick von Frederick! I check out your new CNA Finance blog this morning and I love it! Looking forward to reading your articles.

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