Why You Don’t Need The iPhone 5S


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Since Apple announced it’s new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, Apple fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting the new iPhones. I know, because I’m a huge Apple fan and I’m always counting down the days to the next iPhone announcement. Before I became frugal, I bought the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPad, and Macbook Pro on the day that they were released! So, I love Apple products and I even took the day off and waited in line for 11 hours just to buy by iPhone 4. It was my first iPhone and I NEEDED it before my friends. BUT, the iPhone 5S is different and you don’t need it. 

Here are 6 reasons to wait for the iPhone 6: 

1. You don’t NEED a new iPhone 5s. Seriously! Unless your iPhone is broken, it doesn’t logically make sense to spend $199 for a new iPhone 5S just to have the newest iPhone. It’s not financially smart and it doesn’t make you any cooler.

2. It’s not in your budget. Unless you planned ahead and actually put the iPhone 5s in your budget for September, it’s not in your budget! And if it’s not in the budget, then you don’t need the iPhone 5s. It’s just another WANT.

3. It’s not much different than the iPhone 5, at all. You don’t need the iPhone 5S if you already have an iPhone 5 because it’s not ground breakingly different than the iPhone 5. When Apple released the iPhone 4S with the new SIRI, its technology was different than other smartphones, it could actually talk to you and give relatively sound advice. And when Apple released the iPhone 5 with a larger display and a thinner frame, it was a notably better iPhone than the iPhone 4S. But aside from it’s awesome ability to scan your finger (with a new fingerprint identity sensor called the Touch ID to unlock the iPhone 5S and purchase iPhone apps), the iPhone 5S offers only basic upgrades to its performance, like a faster processor (64-bit A7 chip), faster wireless, and an improved iSight camera. Most of us will not really notice any of those “updates.” The iPhone 5S even looks EXACTLY like the iPhone 5, so no one will even know the difference except that the iPhone 5S will come in different colors: silver, gold, and space gray.

4. You can’t afford it. If you’re taking on extra debt to buy this iPhone 5S, stop and think about this. It’s not financially smart to buy a new iPhone 5S unless you’re selling your current iPhone and making more money than it costs to buy your new iPhone 5S. (If you are trying to sell your old iPhone 5 then do it right now at Amazon, Walmart, Apple, GameStop, or Gazelle because the longer you wait, the less it will be worth! And your current iPhone 5 will already be worth less on September 20th when the iPhone 5S is available.) Otherwise, use the $199 you would have spent on the iPhone 5S to pay off your debt. Or save your money for something that you really need- like an emergency fund!

5. You will be stuck with your current, expensive cell phone provider. Most of the iPhone providers automatically upgrade your cell phone contract for an extra 2 years when you get a new iPhone. So you’ll be stuck in that cell phone company and will be unable to switch to some of the companies who now offer contract-free plans lately. I personally am “stuck” with AT&T since I’ve upgraded from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S but will FINALLY be free from my contact on October 7th! I can’t wait to find a cheaper iPhone plan!!

6. You will have to buy the iPhone 6 for full price next year. All of us Apple fans know that historically, a new iPhone comes out about every year. So we can expect the iPhone 6 in about a year and if you buy the iPhone 5s now, the iPhone 6 will be very expensive (probably over $649.00 at full retail value). Is that cost REALLY worth it just to continue this trend of buying every new iPhone?

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Until the first iPhone was released, we were all content with keeping our simple flip phones for 2 or 3 years! Remember those days? It was only a few years ago! So, before you run out and blindly buy the new iPhone 5S, stop and think about it. You might realize why you don’t need the iPhone 5S!

**Are you still planning on buying the iPhone 5S? Convince me that I NEED the iPhone 5S.**

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  1. Junior says

    I have the iPhone 5S & it’s my first iPhone. & I’m stuck with it for 2 Years. Do you think in 2 years it would still be a good phone?

  2. says

    I’m trying to get rid of mobile phones since last year. I do own an iPhone5, and do not aim to buy a new one. I found out that it brings an overload of info and alerts, more than a can handle actually. I have also figured out that we have been spending lots of money and time on cool things, just to be cool. People are lacking affection too much. Thanks for your post, it gets me lots of ideas on this subject of ditching excessive technology.

    • says

      @Kyle- Excellent point! Most of us who read personal finance blogs wouldn’t spend the money on an iPhone 5S. But some people still will! We all have our vices. I’m hoping that people google “I Need an iPhone 5s” and find my article the realize they don’t need it. Is that too hopeful 😉

  3. says

    I still have my 4S and I plan to keep it. I don’t see a reason to upgrade at all as it’s doing the job just fine. Before my 4S, I had a Droid, and it was freezing and rebooting all the time, so I figured I should go a different route when I was eligible for an upgrade. I am glad I did, as the 4S is still running better than my old phone! I also don’t want to get stuck on another two-year contract.

  4. says

    I use my smartphone A LOT. We just have one between the two of us so if we need to find directions somewhere, research something, follow up on an email, etc. we use my phone. My partner just has a regular flip phone, which he is happy with.

    Your post interested me because I’ve just converted from an ancient PC to an iMac. I LOVE THE MAC! It’s amazing and better supports the work I do now that I’m self-employed. I was planning to upgrade my Samsung Droid to the new iPhone coming out. My phone still works and I never buy the new gadget just because it’s new, but the iPhone will integrate better with my overall strategy so I thought I’d make the switch.

    I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on that…

    • says

      @Ree- Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! I’m not familiar with the Samsung Droid and its features but if the iPhone 5s aligns better with your strategy of working at home, it sounds like it might be a good fit for you. You should be able to get the iPhone 5s or only $199, which is reasonable if the phone will make you more productive and efficient. Good luck with your decision! I’d love to hear what you decide!!

  5. says

    I have no desire for Iphones. I had a cheap net10 phone and I just switched to Republic Wireless. I am far more interested in having a low monthly bill with unlimited everything than I am in the looks or functions of a phone. If I can call, text, and check my email I’m good!

    • says

      @Alexa- I’ve been looking into Republic Wireless and it’s unlimited everything plan for a few months now. What do you think of their cell phone reception? Do you have a review on your blog, I’d love to read your review!!

  6. says

    @Monica, I don’t see a way to answer your reply. I love straight talk, it cut our phone bills in half and we have unlimited everything. ATT is getting rid of unlimited data, you only have it if you signed a contract when they still offered it, so we’re getting more for less. The only downside is that there is some kind of glitch between straight talk and iPhone that doesn’t allow us to text pictures. We can still upload them to Facebook or email, though, so it’s only a minor inconvenience.

    • says

      @Sarah- Thanks for your review of Straight Talk, it sounds like a great plan! I think I will go look into it this week and compare it to my AT&T plan. I don’t have unlimited data and with blogging, I find that I go over on data.

  7. says

    Monica!!! These are all swell arguments for not having the iPhone 5S. But I will not own a smartphone at all since I am not a corporation or even a high-powered executive. We run 2 businesses and a blog with caveman phones that have no internet connection. Those iPhones do look cool though…

    Have a super duper crazy one!!!

  8. says

    My iPhone is so old I couldn’t even get the current update. It’s dh’s old iPhone I started using after I broke the screen on my galaxy (now there’s a nice phone!) and was too cheap to get it fixed when we had another perfectly good phone in the house. As long as it still works, I’ll still use it even without the upgrade. I don’t really understand upgrading every two years. Actually we switched from ATT to straight talk and we save enough on our phone bill that we could both upgrade every year just on the difference ($100/month between us).

    #7, your current phone still serves all your needs 😉

    • says

      @Sarah- Wow! I love your logic and you’re right, we don’t NEED a new iPhone every 2 years. It’s APPLE that tells us that we need to trade in a perfectly good iPhone for a brand new iPhone every year or two. That’s just craziness!! I’ve been looking into Straight Talk at Walmart since I’m planning on switching iPhone plan from AT&T when my contract is up next month. What are your thougths on Straight Talk? Worth switching?

  9. says

    Good advice Monica :)

    The only phone I own is a landline phone and I have no interest or desire to own a cell phone or a smart phone.

    That being said, I can see why so many people love their smart phones and why they go gaga over the latest versions. But fi there is no significant difference, then as you put it, why bother!

    Take care and all the best.


  10. Thomas says

    What do you think about the strategy of selling your old phone for a high price on eBay/craigslist, using that money to pay for early termination fees, and then using the rest of it to pay $199 and start a contract with a new carrier?

    If you get $400 for your old phone, and pay around $200 in ETF (assumes that you have a year left in contract), then you essentially get the 5s for free.

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