$25 Giveaway & I Still Want A Cheaper iPhone Plan

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$100 Per Month For An iPhone Is Not Frugal!

My 2 year long contract with AT&T FINALLY ended this week! So I’m excited to find a new (cheaper) cell phone plan and start saving some money!

Thanks for all of the great advice from my recent article about wanting a cheaper iPhone Plan.

Right now I’m considering switching to Verizon’s $60 for Everything Unlimited Plan or Straight Talk’s $45 for Everything Unlimited Plan. I love Verizon’s cell phone network and service but I’m looking for a cheaper iPhone plan than $60 per month.  I’ve heard about Straight Talk but I don’t know anything about their cell phone network or service. I’d also like to find a plan without a contract so I can swtich cell phone companies if I choose to.

I’m also seriously considering giving up iPhone completely and switching to Republic Wireless. Single Mom’s Income and Beating Broke both wrote honest, detailed reviews about Republic Wireless recently. So now I’m even thinking about making the big switch from iPhone 4S to an Android phone. Republic Wireless, who currently only has one Android phone, will be adding a new, better phone (the Moto X) this November. It’s not the iPhone but for only cell phone plans as low as $19 per month, it might be worth the money! 

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Share you thoughts and sign up for a chance to win $25 Cash (via PayPal)!

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Do you have Verizon, Straight Talk, or Republic Wireless?

Or which cell phone service do you recommend?

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  1. says

    My wife uses her iPhone 4 with Page Plus Wireless and loves it. Their $29/mo plan is perfect for her (1200 minutes, 3000 texts, and 500MB data ) but you might need something more like the $50 plan. The best part is that they use Verizon’s network, which is important to us. The worst part is that they don’t “officially” support iPhones on their network, so you would probably want to get help from the technology side if you went that route. We love it though!

  2. says

    While with a different provider (Verizon), I can speak to the quality of good android phones. Basically,i think you can get a great phone without the hype by going Android. The iPhone isn’t necessarily a better phone in my opinion, and you may like other choices better after using them.

    • says

      You’re right, there might even be phones as good as or better than the iPhone. I’m certainly willing to try another phone to save money every month! Thanks for reading!

  3. says

    We do talk and text only pay-as-you-go phones here with T-Mobile. But then again, we don’t use our phones too terribly often, so it works for us. I had to buy a new phone this year b/c the old one died, but even with that our total cell phone costs for the year are at about $200.

    • says

      @Laurie- Wow! Only $200 for the year is really low, good for you! I’ll look into T-Mobile’s pay as you go phones as an option. I’m guessing that I probably use my phone more often but I’ve been thinking about using Google Voice at home to save money too. Thanks for the advice!

    • says

      @Ben- I read the same article about Republic Wireless on Mr. Money Mustache! I love that website, such an inspiration for financial freedom. I’d love to hear what you think about Republic Wireless if you decide to switch. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. says

    I know that Straight Talk is a good deal, but I wouldn’t consider them. Their customer service has been incredibly suspect. Those issues are documented all around the web. The best deal for the Iphone is probably through Virgin Mobile. Think about adding them to your list! T Mobile is probably the best option if you travel internationally. They just announced free texting and data overseas!

    • says

      @Joel- Thanks for your honest feedback on Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile, and T-Mobile. Several people have mentioned T-Mobile recently so I’m planning on looking into their iPhone services. I haven’t heard much about Virgin Mobile but I’ll look into it too!

  5. says

    Unfortunately I have no recommendations for cellphone plans, as we’re stuck with AT&T. It’s the only service that works in our rural area. It’s expensive and I hope another, cheaper, carrier comes to our area soon, because I sure do hate paying $150/mo. for two phones with 500 minutes and unlimited text. Ridiculous!

    • says

      @Angella- I completely agree with you! I can’t believe how expensive AT&T is and I wish I never signup for that contract. I hope a cheaper cell phone carrier comes to your town. Good Luck!

  6. says

    I’m here in the Philippines and we only have two major cell phone service here it is Smart and Globe. I’m using Smart for my internet subscription and my cell phone service. And I’m very satisfied with their services that I don’t want to shift it to Globe.

    • says

      @Clarrise- I’m glad that you’re happy with your cell phone service. I live in Florida and I don’t think those companies are available here but thanks for sharing.

  7. says

    I, too, would like a cheaper phone plan — but not enough to ditch my iPhone. Sad but true. I’ll have to check out the T-Mobile plans once we’re off contract, as the $50 unlimited everything plan sounds quite good.

  8. says

    This is a tough question. If you are going from Verizon, then you will see that nothing really compares to their network. That is the price you pay, I guess. I tried Straight Talk and it was good. They use AT&T’s service if you bring your own phone. You might even be able to get AT&T to unlock your phone and then just bring it to Straight Talk. I haven’t tried Republic, but they are in my backyard. They run on Sprint, which is terrible around here. I use Walmart Family Mobile and really like the service and price.

  9. says

    You might want to check out Virgin Mobile. They run over the Sprint network and have the 5S. All of their plans have “unlimited” text and data (as with other companies, they do throttle your speed if you cross over a certain amount – 2500MB). I have their middle plan for $45 which has 1200 minutes. I personally don’t come close to that, but I do need more than the 300 minutes of the $35 plan. Of course, being a no-contract provider, you actually have to pay full price for your phone.

    • says

      @Timothy- Well, good luck on the giveaway! Remember you can win by following MonicaOnMoney on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google. You can always get 10 more entries each day by tweeting the article again. Good luck!

  10. Frugal Frederick Von Frederick says

    MOM, I agree, AT&T is sooo expensive. I have three iPhones on a 10G plan for about $215.00 a month. I’d love to go to a cheaper plan but unlike you my contract for ALL my lines will not be up for over a year. Let me know how your transition goes.

    • says

      @Frugal Frederick von Frederick- Wow! $215 per month is craziness, even if it is for 3 iPhones. I’ll continue to post my thoughts on switching plans so stay tuned to MonicaOnMoney for updates!

  11. says

    Woohoo I love giveaways : ) I have T-Mobile through Walmart family mobile. I was paid to review the service, but I actually ended up keeping it because I like the month-to-month plan and it’s cheaper than almost every other plan I’ve seen.

  12. says

    I am just curious what might it have been like if mobile phones were never invented. Maybe these gadgets would not be a part of the list of what people should budget about. True, these things helped make communication better and faster and almost fail-proof, but they are undeniably an additional expense.

    • says

      @Jen- I agree with you! We are so dependent on cell phones these days and maybe it’s not necessary. But for me, I love my cell phone and plan to budget for it. I just want it for less money. Did you cancel your cell phone completely to save money?

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