You Don’t Have To Be A Superhero To Become Debt Free

We’re all busy.

Rushing from one thing to the next. Go to work. Take the kids to school. Meet with friends and family..The list goes on!

And most of it all costs money too. Gas money if nothing else. But usually much more than that.

Sometimes, I feel like I need to be a SUPERHERO to make it all happen.

*As a kid, I watched the Power Rangers and always thought it would be amazing to be the White Power Ranger! So when I think of myself as a Superhero, I think of myself as a White Power Ranger 😉

But you don’t have to be a Superhero to achieve your goals, especially your financial goals like getting out of debt or paying off your house.

You just need three things:

1) A realistic goal

2)  Plan to make it happen

3) The strong desire to achieve your goals

Think back to when you really wanted something. Maybe it was to be the first in your family to graduate college. Or maybe it was to join a sports team in High School. Or maybe it was to land your first job at the best company in town.

What did you do?

How did you achieve your goals?

With a plan.

Getting out of debt in the same. Similar to some of our life goals, getting out of debt can seem overwhelmingly difficult.

So let’s start with the goal.

Setting a Realistic Goal

I completely agree with the concept of setting a realistic goal. Because if you set a goal that’s not achievable or is basically impossible to achieve in the timeframe that you’ve set, you are setting yourself up for failure. And you will lose confidence in your ability to achieve any goal.

So be specific, set a set that could be attained, and set a specific timeframe (we all have the potential to procrastinate without set deadlines).

If you’re trying to get out of debt, Set your debt free day and count down to it.

Use a debt free calculator and calculate exactly when you’ll be debt free 😉


Plan to Make it Happen

Be optimistic and sit down with a clear, well thought out plan to make it happen.

If you’re trying to get debt free, make an excel spreadsheet with a detailed budget for each month. List every expense and find ways to dramatically cut your spending to pay off your debt each month.

The Strong Desire to Achieve Your Goals

A goal and a plan are great but when it really comes down to it, you need to make it happen. And excitement is absolutely critical to achieving your goals.

If you’re trying to get debt free, think about how amazing it will be! This will inspire you to make your dream a reality.

 Do you ever feel like you need to be a superhero to achieve your goals?

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  1. says

    I will keep this short and sweet…GREAT POST!

    You’re spot on with the “don’t have to be a superhero” mentality. Anyone can become debt free if it’s an important enough goal. I am working my way there and reading this is one of many inspiring articles I soak in a daily basis.

    • says

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed this article! I agree that anyone who makes it a priority can become debt free. Good luck getting debt free. By the way, awesome website 😉

  2. says

    I can no longer count the times that I stumble and experience slip-ups when it comes to my financial goals. However, after spending some time sulking, I get back up. I think I need to really believe that it does not take super powers to make my goals achievable and may I continue to be inspired by what I read in the personal finance blog world.

  3. says

    I really wanted to be the Pink Ranger when I was younger. But I don’t think Pterodactly power would’ve helped the whole debt repayment thing ;). A plan definitely helps a lot! Especially when you’re in the middle of debt repayment and feel like it will never end.

  4. says

    I totally want to be Wonder Woman. And like other commenters, sometimes I feel like we are superheroes. We have some pretty heavy goals, currently, though. And the light at the end of the tunnel can be so hard to see. But then we FINALLY achieve one of them that at one point seemed unachievable and we feel on top of the world. Hard work and patience can do wonders.

    • says

      That’s awesome! I was a big fan of Wonder Woman too. I have to admit that I was Wonder Woman for Halloween one year when I was a kid 😉 But yes, I completely agree that once we do achieve a HUGE goal, it’s simply amazing. Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by 😉

  5. says

    Setting a realistic goals and plan and make it happen will surely lead us to be a debt free life. By avoiding buying unnecessary things and try to save more every payday and follow the “Pay yourself first”, are just the few things that will reach us to be financially independent.

  6. says

    Setting a realistic budget is extremely important. I think we get overzealous and that usually what breaks the budget. A very serious and honest conversation with one self is key.

    • says

      Yes, it’s very easy to break the budget or not stay on track one month. We all make mistakes like that, the key is staying motivated about goals 😉

  7. says

    Keeping yourself motivated can be really tough! It is fun when you pay off smaller debts, but when you’re in it for years paying off, say, your mortgage, it can be so tough. We use small “rewards” for reaching debt repayment milestones to keep ourselves motivated!

    • says

      You’re right! It’s not easy to stay motivated, especially with long term goals like getting out of debt or paying off a mortgage in 5 years. Small rewards are a great idea! What types of small rewards have you used?

  8. says

    I think having a strong desire is key! There will be plenty of hard days on your journey to debt freedom, and for me at least what gets me through those days is thinking about how good it will feel to finally be out of debt! Cannot wait for that day!

  9. says

    I’d also add once you make a plan, set time increments to keep yourself in check whether that’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly. That way, you stay motivated and can tweak your goal every so often to make the end result possible.

  10. says

    I love how you simplified the process! It really can be summed up in the three steps you presented. I think having a solid plan is key, because without one you will waste too much time spinning your wheels.

    • says

      Thanks DC, I like thinking about goals in smaller steps because I think it’s much easier for us to mentally process that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😉

  11. says

    I so much agree with you. I am a debt free person too. In order for me to prevent debt, I will always think wisely before I buy something. I always budget my money and never waste for unnecessary things.

    • says

      Congrats to you on being debt free 😉 You make a great point of not wasting money on unnecessary things, sometimes that’s where my extra money goes! So preventing the needless spending is a great way to get debt free.

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