7 Things I Refuse to Give Up to Save More Money

I love saving money (who doesn’t) and some would even say I’m cheap! So I recently started looking for ways to save money on everything.

But frugal or not, here are 7 things I refuse to give up to save more money:

Vet appointments for my dog: Dogs can be expensive and vet bills certainly add up. So it’s tempting to skip a $80 routine appointment or a $100 trip to the emergency vet to save a few bucks. But I don’t want to risk it with my puppy!
Comfortable high heels: I have a closet full of uncomfortable and cheap high heels that I’ll never wear again. I’d rather spend the extra money on one pair of Cole Haan heels since they’re so comfortable even after 8 hours of wearing them. At $300 for a pair, they better be comfortable! Fortunately, I waited until Amazon had the same pair for $100 and got them there!

Spa appointments: A couple of days ago, I got an eyebrow wax at a new spa for $10 instead of my normal $30. Sounded like a great deal until she burned my face and I had to spend $50 for burn cream and coverup makeup! Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for!

Maui Jim sunglasses: At $220, these sunglasses are not frugal but they’re completely worth it for summers at the beach, driving, or outdoor sports. Just don’t lose them like I did last year, that starts getting really expensive! I haven’t been able to find a better deal on these sunglasses. Any ideas?

Marriott hotels: When I travel, I always stay at the Marriott because I know what I’ll get there. No bed bugs or horrible customer service to worry about like some of the other random hotels.

Beauty products: I don’t usually spend money on makeup or beauty products but I do sometimes splurge on my favorite moisturizer and face wash at Perricone Md. I wait for their email deals for a free full size face wash and stock up!

Quality Beer and Wine: Cheap beer and wine leave me with horrible migraine headaches and hangovers. So I’ll spend the extra money for a good IPA or Cabernet at a discount store Iike Total Wine or Costco, especially if I’m saving on beers by pregaming at home.
It’s all about having a planned budget and setting priorities for our money. I cut back by bringing lunch, rarely eating out, and cancelling cable. I know some people who refuse to cancel their cable to save money. They think I’m crazy for even suggesting that.

So, what do you refuse to give up to save more money?

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PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

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    • says

      Great point, TJ! I don’t skimp on my own doctor’s visits either. Luckily, I’m in good health and usually only need routine visits. The cost of health care is so expensive now too so you bring up an excellent point.

  1. says

    What your list does is takes the fears of deprivation out of the word “budget.” If you are careful and plan well, you can save, invest, and still have some of the finer things in life. Monica, you probably appreciate your sunglasses even more, I’ll bet.

  2. says

    I swear, I could have written this exact same list.

    I have a really bad Starbucks habit. I try my hardest to make coffee in the Keruig at home & buy energy drinks on sale, but sometimes a girl just needs her Starbucks, stat!

    • says

      I’m glad that you agree with my list of what I won’t give up! Some of the things on my list are random but like another read me mentioned, we all have our vices! I used to love Starbucks but I have it up one year and rarely drink coffee now. I do sometimes miss the coffee though!!

  3. says

    We all have our vices. I could never justify the vet/pet ownership expenses and fancy spas (in my current financial state), but I have my own non-negotiables- mac computer, quality produce, etc.

    • says

      @Marissa- You’re right, pet care is completely worth it so I don’t mind paying for my puppy either! Happy Labor Day, thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    Comfortable High Heels! AGREED! In my profession, I spend all day in those puppies and buying quality, comfortable, and classic high heels is essential to my sanity! Plus, you can’t put a price on how good I feel when I wear heels! Well-worth the investment!

    • says

      Exactly!! I wear my black cole haan pumps to work everyday an wear them for 8 to 10 hours. Like you said, it’s important to have comfortable heels and I love wearing heels too.

    • says

      @Alexandra- thanks for sharing! I’ve bought great polarized sunglasses from Walmart too! I like those for the beach so I don’t have to worry about losing my nicer sunglasses :)

  5. says

    I’ll never give up the costs of beauty products even though mine are pretty minimal. I don’t maybe I’m cheap because that’s the only thing I can really think of!

    • says

      @Alexa- Quality beauty products can really make a difference! Lol! I realized that I’m not as frugal as I thought when I made this list. Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    Wow. I had no idea just how expensive dog care really was, but that does make sense. I guess that’s why I don’t have a pet yet — still too expensive for me with my debt and all…

  7. says

    Good IPAs? No cable? Now you’re talking my lingo, Monica! 😉

    We don’t have cable, fancy clothes, or like to renovate our home. Our weekday meals are cheap and homemade, but we do like to eat out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We save money by going to places with no tips and sometimes share a meal.

    We never, ever skimp on beer. I’d rather not drink one at all than drink a Bud, Miller, or Pabst. Ick!

  8. says

    I also will not give up care for my pet. I hate to think of people trying to save money by not bringing their pet in for checkups or when they’re sick. Not a responsible way to save money imo!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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