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Is It Better to Spend Less or Earn More?

When I first became interested in personal finance, I thought the best way to get more financially fit was to spend less. I’m realizing, though, that when it comes to managing money, some people are better off spending less and some people are better off earning more. I think I fall into the latter category.Read more

how to beat your eating out habit

How To Beat Your Eating Out Habit

This past summer, I decided to start sharing my budget publicly. It was quite the game changer. After years of writing about smart spending, I finally showed my own habits with the hard, cold numbers. The first few months were hard to share. Was I really going to tell people I spent $700 on food?Read more


Financially Savvy Saturdays #61

Welcome to Financially Savvy Saturdays, the savviest personal finance blog hop on the planet, created specifically for personal finance writers! We welcome all things money here. Whether you’ve written anything from how to pay off that mortgage at warp speed to money lessons from Real Housewives of Orange County, you’re invited to link-up. If itRead more

Low cost halloween decorations

Don’t Spend More Than $1 For Halloween Decorations

Looking for the perfect last minute Halloween costume? Or throwing a themed adult Halloween Party? Maybe you’re just taking the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood. Either way, Halloween costumes and decorations can be so expensive! This week I was looking up Halloween costumes for friends that want to dress up as an AngelRead more


Forget the Expensive Outings: Fall is for Frugal People

Today’s article is written by Staff Writer Catherine Alford. This past weekend, my husband and I ventured out to an apple-picking farm. To be frank, we were pretty exhausted and didn’t want to go at all (our twins have taken to waking each other up all night long), but we persisted and went anyway. IRead more


Do You Need Life Insurance?

For someone just starting out or those who are contemplating starting a family, life insurance is an important investment. It could pay for burial expenses and help protect your family should something happen to you. Although many people are covered by life insurance through their employer, those policies are often small and may not evenRead more


When can you Retire?

Hi! I’m at FinCon 2014 this week, an annual peer conference for the financial media community. FinCon is the perfect time to talk about saving, investing, and becoming debt free. So I’m excited to be here with other personal finance bloggers who share the goal of one day retiring. If you’re at FinCon14 too, I’d loveRead more


Should Financially Independent People Worry About Money?

Many of us are seeking one main thing in life (aside from being happy and healthy!) and that’s to become financially independent. When I think of financial independence, I think of being able to do what I want when I want because I will have the funds in place for the life I’ve built forRead more

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